Can you guess what the picture below is?

No, it's not a night photo of Europe taken from a plane. Its actually a map that shows the social networking activity of Europians on Twitter and Flickr. Created by Eric Fischer, the red dots mark Flickr pictures, blue dots are tweets and the white dots locations that have postings to both. Here is another one for North America.

For each image, it took 40 minutes to setup the file data and 3 minutes to produce the image according to Mr. Fischer. The brightness of the dots show the posting rate. So more people are tweeting and sharing photos in Flickr in the brighter areas. To plot each pixel, Mr. Fischer states

Points are allowed to diffuse by a few pixels when there is an additional record for a point that is already plotted, with the brightness falling off exponentially as the point that is actually plotted gets further from its intended location.

Each pixel represents an approximate area of 2.25 square miles in the maps because a smaller area made the whole-world image too big for Flickr to let him post it. Checkout his การพนัน คือFlickr page for the rest of the Twitter/Flickr maps.